Decoded Slug: ~ふりをする (〜furi wo suru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ふりをする (〜furi wo suru)

~ふりをする (〜furi wo suru)

Short explanation:

Pretending or acting as if; 'pretend', 'act like'.


Verb (dictionary form) + ふりをする, い-Adjective + ふりをする, な-Adjective + ふりをする, Noun + ふりをする


Kare wa shiranai furi wo shimashita.
He pretended not to know.
Kanojo wa byouki no furi wo shite, gakkou wo yasumimashita.
She pretended to be sick and skipped school.
Kare wa ureshii furi wo shiteimasu ga, hontou wa kanashii desu.
He is pretending to be happy, but he is actually sad.
Kanojo wa riidaa no furi wo shite, chiimu wo hikimashita.
She pretended to be a leader and led the team.

Long explanation:

The ~ふりをする grammar point is used to express that someone is pretending or acting as if they are doing something, feeling a certain way, or possessing a certain quality. It can be translated as 'pretend' or 'act like' in English. The formation is the same for verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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