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Decoded Slug: ~ぶった

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point


Short explanation:

This structure is used to indicate something 'struck with' or 'hit by' the meaning of the noun.


Noun + を + ぶった, Verb +て/で + ぶった


Kare wa totsuzen shitsugyou wo butta.
He was suddenly hit by unemployment.
Musume wa yonaka ni kowai yume wo butta.
My daughter was struck by a scary dream in the middle of the night.
Kanojo wa fuan wo butta.
She was hit by anxiety.
Watashitachi wa jishin wo butta.
We were hit by an earthquake.

Long explanation:

The ~ぶった Noun grammar point refers to the usage of a noun followed by ぶった to denote something that has been 'struck with' or 'affected by' the meaning of the noun. A common English translation might take the form of 'Was hit by [noun]'. The structure is most commonly used with the verb '打つ (utsu)' which means 'to hit', but other verbs can also be used.

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