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Decoded Slug: ~ぶって (〜butte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ぶって (〜butte)

~ぶって (〜butte)

Short explanation:

Used to express the act of pretending or acting in a particular manner.


Verb-stem + ぶって


Kare wa marude shitteiru fuu ni butte hanashi o susumete ita.
He was talking as if he knew everything.
Kanojo wa nani mo shiranai fuu ni butte ita ga, hontou wa subete o shitte ita.
She was pretending like she didn't know anything, but she actually knew everything.
Ten'in wa mubouso ni butte sethuku o shite ita.
The shop clerk was serving customers in an unfriendly manner.
Kare wa itsumo erasou ni butte iru.
He is always acting arrogantly.

Long explanation:

The ~ぶって grammar point is used when someone is acting or pretending in a particular way that is not their true nature or characteristic. It is often used in a negative light or to express dissatisfaction with someone's behavior.

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