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Decoded Slug: ~ぶる (〜buru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ぶる (〜buru)

~ぶる (〜buru)

Short explanation:

Used when someone is acting or pretending to be something they are not.


Noun + ぶる


Kare wa atakamo shitte iru ka no you ni gakusha buru.
He acts like a scholar as if he knows everything.
Joyu buru no wa yamete, jibun jishin de iro.
Stop acting like an actress and be yourself.
Kanojo wa tsune ni ojou-sama butte iru.
She always acts like a lady.
Watashi ga ijimerarete iru to mujaki buru kanojo wo mite, ikari ga komi ageta.
Looking at her acting innocent while I was being bullied, I felt a surge of anger.

Long explanation:

The ~ぶる grammar point is used when someone is pretending or acting to be something that they aren't. It often has a negative connotation and hints at a level of insincerity or fakeness. This grammar form is typically used with a noun before it.

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