Decoded Slug: ~べきではない (〜beki dewa nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~べきではない (〜beki dewa nai)

~べきではない (〜beki dewa nai)

Short explanation:

Express an action that should not be done; 'should not', 'ought not to'.


Verb-ますstem + べき + ではない


Okureru riyuu ga nai nara, okureru beki dewa arimasen.
If there is no reason to be late, you should not be late.
Kodomo ni waruguchi o iu beki dewa arimasen.
You should not say bad things to children.
Kono kusuri wa ichido ni nomisugiru beki dewa nai.
You should not take too much of this medicine at once.
Shiranai hito to kojin jouhou o kyouyuu suru beki dewa nai.
You should not share personal information with strangers.

Long explanation:

The ~べきではない grammar point is used to express that an action should not be done or is not recommended. It can be translated as 'should not' or 'ought not to' in English. It is formed by using べき with the negative form ではない.

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