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Decoded Slug: ~ますように (〜masu you ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ますように (〜masu you ni)

~ますように (〜masu you ni)

Short explanation:

Used to express a wish or hope for oneself or someone else.


Verb-ます form, remove final る + ように


Ashita no tesuto de ii ten wo torimasu you ni.
I hope I get good grades on tomorrow's test.
Kare ga buji ni kaette kimasu you ni.
I hope he comes back safely.
Minna ga kenkou de iraremasu you ni.
I hope everyone stays healthy.
Kanojo ni shiawase ni narimasu you ni.
I hope she becomes happy.

Long explanation:

The ~ますように grammar point is used to express a wish or hope. It is often used as a closing phrase in letters or messages, and can be applied to both oneself and others. The phrase is typically used with the ます form of the verb, with the final る replaced by ように.

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