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Decoded Slug: ~まで (〜made)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~まで (〜made)

~まで (〜made)

Short explanation:

Express 'until', 'up to', or 'as far as' to indicate the end point of an action or range.


Verb-casual + まで, い-Adjective + まで,な-Adjective + まで, Noun + まで


Ju-ji made hatarakimasu.
I will work until 10 o'clock.
Toukyou made densha de ikimasu.
I will go by train as far as Tokyo.
Kare wa tsukareru made hashirimashita.
He ran until he got tired.
Go-peeji made yonde kudasai.
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Long explanation:

The ~まで grammar point is used to express the end point, limit or extent of an action or range in terms of time, space or quantity. It can be translated as 'until', 'up to', or 'as far as' in English. The formation depends on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, な-adjective, or noun.

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