Decoded Slug: ~までだ (~made da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~までだ (~made da)

~までだ (~made da)

Short explanation:

Expresses the limit or 'up to' something; 'it's only', 'as far as', 'up to'.


Verb-dictionary form or ない form + までだ, い-Adjective + までだ, Noun + までだ


Kare to wa tomodachi made da, sore ijou no kankei dewa arimasen.
With him, it's only up to friendship, there's no more relationship than that.
Nominoudai wa kuji made da. Sore ikou wa tsuika ryoukin ga hitsuyou da.
All you can drink is until 9. After that, an additional fee is necessary.
Watashitachi no jouhou wa kinou made da, sore ikou no appudeeto wa arimasen.
Our information is up to yesterday, there is no update beyond that.
Kare no chishiki wa chuugakusei level made da. Sore ijou no koudona naiyou wa rikai dekinai.
His knowledge is only up to middle school level. He cannot understand anything more advanced.

Long explanation:

The ~までだ grammar point is used to express that something is only up to a certain limit or extent. It emphasizes that something is only available or possible up to the point mentioned. Can be used with verbs in dictionary or ない forms, い-adjectives, and nouns.

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