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Decoded Slug: ~までに (〜made ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~までに (〜made ni)

~までに (〜made ni)

Short explanation:

Express 'by' or 'before' a certain time or action.


Verb-casual + までに, Noun + までに, Time expression + までに


Ashita no asa hachiji made ni okite kudasai.
Please wake up by 8 a.m. tomorrow.
Raishuu no kinyoubi made ni repooto wo teishutsu shite kudasai.
Please submit the report by next Friday.
Kare ga kaeru made ni ryouri wo owarasetai.
I want to finish cooking before he comes back.
Sanjuppun inai ni eki ni tsuku hitsuyou ga arimasu.
We need to arrive at the station within 30 minutes.

Long explanation:

The ~までに grammar point is used to indicate that something must be completed or occurs by a certain time or before a specific action. It can be used with verbs, nouns, and time expressions.

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