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Decoded Slug: ~まで~て (〜made 〜te)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~まで~て (〜made 〜te)

~まで~て (〜made 〜te)

Short explanation:

Express doing something until a certain time or condition; 'until', 'to'.


Verb-てform + まで


Kuji made hataraite, sono ato kyūkei shimashita.
I worked until 9 o'clock, and then took a break.
Yoru made benkyou shite, shiken ni goukaku shimashita.
I studied until night, and passed the exam.
Saigo no peeji made yonde, hon wo tojimashita.
I read until the last page, and then closed the book.
Densha ga tsuku made matte, tomodachi to aimashita.
I waited until the train arrived, and then met up with my friend.

Long explanation:

The ~まで~て grammar point is used to express doing something until a certain time or condition is reached. It can be translated as 'until' or 'to' in English. The formation requires a verb in itsて-form followed by まで to indicate the action is ongoing until the desired point or time.

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