Decoded Slug: ~ものがある (〜mono ga aru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ものがある (〜mono ga aru)

~ものがある (〜mono ga aru)

Short explanation:

Express a feeling that something should be done or is expected; 'there is a need', 'there is a tendency'.


Verb-casual + ものがある, い-Adjective + ことがある


Kare wa itsumo chikoku suru mono ga aru.
He has a tendency to be late all the time.
Motto benkyou subeki mono ga aru.
There is a need to study more.
Kono ryouri wa oishii to omou mono ga aru.
There is a feeling that this dish is delicious.
Kanojo wa itsumo tasukete kureru mono ga aru.
She has a tendency to help me all the time.

Long explanation:

The ~ものがある grammar point is used to express a feeling that something should be done or is expected given a certain situation. It can be translated as 'there is a need' or 'there is a tendency' in English. It is mostly used with verbs in the form of verb-casual and い-adjectives.

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