Decoded Slug: ~ものだから (〜mono dakara)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ものだから (〜mono dakara)

~ものだから (〜mono dakara)

Short explanation:

Express the reason or cause for something; 'because', 'since', 'due to'.


Verb-plain + ものだから, い-Adjective + ものだから, な-Adjective + なものだから, Noun + なものだから


Shiken ga chikai mono dakara, mainichi benkyou shiteimasu.
Because the exam is near, I study every day.
Kono resutoran wa totemo ninki ga aru mono dakara, yoyaku shinai to seki ga nai kamoshiremasen.
Because this restaurant is very popular, there might not be seats available if we don't make a reservation.
Kare wa wakai mono dakara, mada takusan no keiken wo tsunde inai.
Because he is young, he hasn't accumulated a lot of experiences yet.
Kyou wa samui mono dakara, tebukuro wo motte ikimashou.
Because it's cold today, let's bring gloves.

Long explanation:

The ~ものだから grammar point is used to show the reason or cause of something from the speaker's perspective. It can be translated as 'because', 'since', or 'due to' in English. This grammar point is often used to provide additional information or context to explain the main sentence.

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