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Decoded Slug: ~ものとして (~mono to shite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ものとして (~mono to shite)

~ものとして (~mono to shite)

Short explanation:

Assuming/Under the assumption that/In the event.


Verb-casual + ものとして, い-Adjective + ものとして, な-Adjective + なものとして, Noun + のものとして


Ame ga furu mono to shite, kasa wo motte ikimashita.
Assuming that it would rain, I brought an umbrella.
Kare ga byouki na mono to shite, kare no shigoto wo tetsudatta.
Under the assumption that he was sick, I helped with his work.
Kono keeki ga oishii mono to shite, minna ni waketa.
Assuming that this cake is delicious, I divided it among everyone.
Kanojo ga gakusei no mono to shite, gakuwari wo tekiyou shimashita.
Assuming that she is a student, I applied a student discount.

Long explanation:

The ~ものとして grammar point is used to indicate a supposition or assumption. It can be translated as 'assuming', 'under the assumption that', or 'in the event'. It often implies a known or set condition, rule, or requirement that becomes the basis for some sort of action.

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