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Decoded Slug: ~ようとしない (〜you to shinai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ようとしない (〜you to shinai)

~ようとしない (〜you to shinai)

Short explanation:

Not showing any sign or intention to do something.


Verb-masu stem + ようとしない


Kare wa benkyou shiyou to shinai.
He doesn't show any sign of trying to study.
Kanojo wa ayamarou to shinai.
She doesn't show any intention of apologizing.
Musuko wa heya wo katazuke you to shinai.
My son doesn't show any intention of cleaning his room.
Inu wa sanpo ni ikou to shinai.
The dog doesn't show any sign of wanting to go for a walk.

Long explanation:

The ~ようとしない grammar point indicates that someone is not showing any sign or intention of doing an action. It is used to express a refusal or unwillingness to do something. It is formed by attaching ようとしない to the masu-stem of a verb.

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