Decoded Slug: ~ように言う (〜you ni iu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ように言う (〜you ni iu)

~ように言う (〜you ni iu)

Short explanation:

To convey a message, instruction or request to someone; 'to tell (someone) to', 'to say to (someone)'.


Verb-ますstem + ように言う


Sensei wa watashi ni motto benkyou suru you ni itta.
The teacher told me to study more.
Kanojo wa kare ni matsu you ni iimashita.
She told him to wait.
Haha wa watashi ni heya wo katazukeru you ni iimashita.
My mother told me to clean my room.
Sensei wa seito ni shitsumon wo suru you ni itta.
The teacher said to the student to ask a question.

Long explanation:

The ~ように言う grammar point is used to convey a message, instruction or request to someone. It can be translated as 'to tell (someone) to' or 'to say to (someone)' in English. It is often used when the speaker is reporting something that they were told or when they themselves are instructing someone. The formation is attached to the verb stem.

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