Decoded Slug: ~を中心に (〜wo chuushin ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~を中心に (〜wo chuushin ni)

~を中心に (〜wo chuushin ni)

Short explanation:

Centering around, mainly, focusing on.


Noun + を中心に


Kono ibento wa ongaku wo chuushin ni tanoshimarete imasu.
This event is mainly enjoyed for its music.
Kare no shigoto wa Toukyou wo chuushin ni okonawarete imasu.
His work is mainly carried out in and around Tokyo.
Kanojo wa kenkou wo chuushin ni hon wo kaite imasu.
She is writing a book focusing on health.
Saikin no kenkyuu wa kankyou hogo wo chuushin ni okonawarete iru.
Recent research has been centered around environmental protection.

Long explanation:

The ~を中心に grammar point is used to indicate that something is centered around, mainly, or focused on a specific subject or area. It emphasizes that the subject is the primary focus or main point of the action or situation. It can be used with nouns.

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