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Decoded Slug: ~を問わず (〜wo towazu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~を問わず (〜wo towazu)

~を問わず (〜wo towazu)

Short explanation:

Regardless of; irrespective of.


Noun1 + ~を問わず + Noun2


Kono ibento wa, nenrei wo towazu, daredemo sanka dekimasu.
This event is open to everyone, regardless of age.
Kono suupaa wa, nichiyoubi wo towazu, mainichi aiteimasu.
This supermarket is open every day, regardless of Sundays.
Kanojo wa, atsusa samusa wo towazu, maiasa sanpo wo shiteimasu.
She goes for a walk every morning, regardless of the heat or cold.
Shachou wa, kokuseki wo towazu, subete no shain ni byoudou ni sesshiteimasu.
The president treats all employees equally, regardless of nationality.

Long explanation:

The ~を問わず grammar point is used to express the meaning 'regardless of' or 'irrespective of' when discussing two or more items or conditions. It indicates that what is stated applies to all items or conditions mentioned, without making any distinction.

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