Decoded Slug: ~を込めて (〜wo komete)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~を込めて (〜wo komete)

~を込めて (〜wo komete)

Short explanation:

To express that something is done with a certain feeling, intention, or emotion.


Feeling/emotion/intention Noun + を + 込めて + Verb


Ai wo komete ryouri wo tsukurimashita.
I cooked the meal with love.
Kansha wo komete sensei ni orei no tegami wo kakimashita.
I wrote a thank-you letter to my teacher, filled with gratitude.
Kare wa zenryoku wo komete saigo no shunkan made tatakaimashita.
He fought until the last moment with all his strength.
Kanojo wa kanashimi wo komete tomodachi e wakare no kotoba wo tsutaemashita.
She conveyed her farewell words to her friend with sadness.

Long explanation:

The ~を込めて grammar point is used to express that an action is done with a certain feeling, intention or emotion. It can be translated as 'with' or 'filled with' in English. ~を込めて is typically used with feelings or emotions that the speaker wishes to convey through their actions.

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