Decoded Slug: ~を頼りに (〜wo tayori ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~を頼りに (〜wo tayori ni)

~を頼りに (〜wo tayori ni)

Short explanation:

To rely on or depend on something or someone.


Noun + を頼りに


Kanojo wa chizu wo tayori ni ryokou wo shite iru.
She is traveling relying on a map.
Ooku no hito ga kare no chikara wo tayori ni seikatsu shite iru.
Many people are living depending on his strength.
Kono purojekuto de wa, kimi no sukiru wo tayori ni shiteimasu.
In this project, we are counting on your skills.
Kare wa tomodachi no tasuke wo tayori ni mondai wo kaiketsu shiyou to shita.
He tried to solve the problem relying on his friend's help.

Long explanation:

The ~を頼りに grammar point is used to express that someone is relying on or depending on something or someone. It can be translated as 'to rely on', 'to depend on', or 'counting on' in English. This phrase is used with nouns (people or objects) that act as a source of support or help.

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