Decoded Slug: ~んがために (〜n ga tame ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~んがために (〜n ga tame ni)

~んがために (〜n ga tame ni)

Short explanation:

Expresses the reason or purpose for doing something; 'for the sake of', 'in order to'.


Verb-ます stem + んがために, Noun + のんがために


Kenkou o tamotsu n ga tame ni, mainichi undou o shite imasu.
I exercise daily in order to maintain my health.
Goukaku no n ga tame ni, isshoukenmei benkyou shimasu.
I study hard in order to pass.
Ashita no shiken ni sonaen ga tame, kon'ya wa yofukashi o shinai.
I won't stay up late tonight in order to prepare for tomorrow's exam.
Kanojo no egao o miru n ga tame ni, mainichi kanojo ni ai ni ikimasu.
I go to see her every day in order to see her smile.

Long explanation:

The ~んがために grammar point is used to emphasize the reason or purpose for doing something. This can often be translated as 'for the sake of' or 'in order to' in English. This grammar form is relatively formal and seen most often in written language or formal speeches.

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