Decoded Slug: ~んばかりに (〜n bakari ni ~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~んばかりに (〜n bakari ni ~)

~んばかりに (〜n bakari ni ~)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea of 'as if to say' or 'as though' something is the case.


Verb-ます stem + んばかりに, Noun + ばかりに


Kare wa, nani mo shiranai n bakari ni, watashi no shitsumon o mushi shita.
He ignored my question as if he knew nothing.
Sono ko wa nakitai n bakari ni kao o shikameta.
The child grimaced as though he wanted to cry.
Kanojo wa waraitai n bakari ni kuchimoto o osaeta.
She pressed her lips together as though she wanted to laugh.
Kare wa, taikutsu da to iitai n bakari ni, nando mo nando mo tameiki o tsuita.
He sighed again and again as though he wanted to say he was bored.

Long explanation:

The ~んばかりに grammar point is used to depict situations where actions speaks louder than words, implying that one's actions suggest their thoughts or feelings more than their words are. It can be translated as 'as if to say' or 'as though' in English. This grammar is usually used with nouns and verbs that represent speech or feeling.

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