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Decoded Slug: ~一方 (〜ippou)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~一方 (〜ippou)

~一方 (〜ippou)

Short explanation:

Indicates that while one action is happening, another action or situation is simultaneously occurring or is in contrast.


Verbal Noun (Verb Stem) + 一方だ, Verb Stem + 一方, い-Adjective + 一方, な-Adjective + である一方


Gijutsu ga shinka suru ippou, seikatsu ga isogashiku natte iru.
While technology advances, life is getting busier.
Nihongo ga joutatsu suru ippou, eigo-ryoku ga sagatte iru ki ga suru.
While my Japanese improves, I feel like my English ability is declining.
Kono ryouri wa oishii ippou, chotto takai desu.
While this dish is delicious, it is a bit expensive.
Kare wa yasashii de aru ippou, kibishii men mo aru.
While he is kind, he also has a strict side.

Long explanation:

The ~一方 grammar point is used to express that while one action is taking place, another action or situation is also occurring or is in contrast to the first action. The actions or situations referred to usually occur simultaneously or show different tendencies, increasing or decreasing.

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