Decoded Slug: ~一方だ (〜ippou da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~一方だ (〜ippou da)

~一方だ (〜ippou da)

Short explanation:

Expresses that a situation or condition is increasingly getting more and more.


Verb-ますstem + 一方だ, い-Adjective (remove い) + 一方だ, な-Adjective + で + 一方だ


Sekai no jinkou wa fueru ippou da.
The world's population is continually increasing.
Kono machi no chian wa akka suru ippou da.
The public safety in this town is getting worse and worse.
Boku no nihongo wa joutatsu suru ippou da.
My Japanese is improving more and more.
Natsu ni naru to, atsusa ga kibishiku naru ippou da.
As summer comes, the heat keeps getting more intense.

Long explanation:

The ~一方だ grammar point is used to indicate that a particular situation or condition is continuously increasing or getting worse. It can be translated as 'on the one hand' or 'the more', implying a trend or direction. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, or な-adjective.

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