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Decoded Slug: ~上げる (〜ageru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~上げる (〜ageru)

~上げる (〜ageru)

Short explanation:

Indicates to finish doing something completely.


Verb-ますstem + 上げる


Repooto o kakiageru made, neraremasen.
I cannot sleep until I finish writing the report.
Kanojo wa sassoku heya no souji o hajime, ichijikan de souji o yariageta.
She started cleaning the room right away and finished cleaning it in an hour.
Shiken zenya, benkyou o yomiagete kara neta.
I went to bed after finishing studying on the night before the exam.
Kono purojekuto o owariageru tame ni wa, minna no kyouryoku ga hitsuyou desu.
To finish this project, everyone's cooperation is needed.

Long explanation:

The ~上げる grammar point is used to express that an action has been completed or finished entirely. It's often used with verbs that have a ます stem, and can be translated as 'to finish (doing something), to complete'.

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