Decoded Slug: ~切る (〜kiru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~切る (〜kiru)

~切る (〜kiru)

Short explanation:

To do something completely or thoroughly.


Verb-stem + 切る


Kare wa shiken benkyou o ganbarikiru tsumori da.
He intends to study hard for the exam, doing his best.
Kono shigoto o owari kiru made, kaeranai de kudasai.
Please do not go home until you have completely finished this job.
Tomodachi to kenka shite, nani mo iikirenakatta.
I argued with my friend and couldn't say everything I wanted to say.
Karera wa, sono gemu o kuria kiru koto ga dekimashita.
They were able to completely clear the game.

Long explanation:

The ~切る grammar point is used to express the idea of doing something completely or thoroughly, without leaving anything undone. It is added to the stem (masu-form) of the verb, and it also carries the nuance of determination or strong intention in doing an action.

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