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Decoded Slug: ~切れない (~kirenai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~切れない (~kirenai)

~切れない (~kirenai)

Short explanation:

Expresses inability to completely finish or do something.


Verb-stem + 切れない


Kono hon wo hitoban de yomikirenai.
I cannot finish reading this book in one night.
Kare wa nakikirenai hodo ureshikatta.
He was so happy that he couldn't stop crying.
Kono heya wo ichinichi de soujishikirenai.
I cannot finish cleaning this room in one day.
Kanojo wa hanashikirenai hodo no nayami ga aru.
She has so many worries that she can't finish talking about them.

Long explanation:

The ~切れない grammar point is used to express the inability to fully complete, finish or do something. It is formed by attaching 切れない to the stem of a verb. It often implies that while some of the action is done, finishing it completely is not possible for some reason.

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