Decoded Slug: ~恐れがある (〜osore ga aru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~恐れがある (〜osore ga aru)

~恐れがある (〜osore ga aru)

Short explanation:

Express a concern or fear that something undesirable might occur.


Verb-dictionary form + 恐れがある


Jishin ga kuru osore ga aru tame, hinanjo ni itte kudasai.
Please go to the evacuation center because there is a risk of an earthquake.
Kare wa jiko ni au osore ga aru node, chuui shite unten shite kudasai.
There is a possibility that he might have an accident, so please drive carefully.
Kono kusuri wo nomisugiru to, fukusayou no osore ga aru.
If you take too much of this medicine, there is a risk of side effects.
Hikui yosan de kono purojekuto wo susumeru to, hinshitsu ga hikuku naru osore ga aru.
If we proceed with this project with a low budget, there is a possibility that the quality will be low.

Long explanation:

The ~恐れがある grammar point is used to indicate that there is a fear or concern that something undesirable or negative might happen. It is often used for potential problems or risks, and can be translated as 'there is a risk' or 'there is a possibility' in English. This grammar point is used with verbs in their dictionary form.

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