Decoded Slug: ~折に (〜ori ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~折に (〜ori ni)

~折に (〜ori ni)

Short explanation:

Indicates the time when something happens; 'when', 'at the time of'.


Verb-dictionary form + 折に, Noun + の折に


Chichi ga byouki no ori ni, watashi wa ryuugaku shite imashita.
When my father was ill, I was studying abroad.
Nihon e iku ori ni, omiyage wo katte kite kudasai.
When you go to Japan, please buy souvenirs.
Kodomo ga nete iru ori ni, shizuka ni shite kudasai.
Please be quiet when the child is sleeping.
Kare ni au ori ni, kono tegami wo watashite kudasai.
Please give him this letter when you see him.

Long explanation:

The ~折に grammar point is used to express the occurrence of another event at the time when a certain situation or event happens. It emphasizes the chance or timing of an event happening and correspondence with another event.

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