Decoded Slug: ~最中に (~saichuu ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~最中に (~saichuu ni)

~最中に (~saichuu ni)

Short explanation:

In the middle of / while doing something.


Verb-てform + いる + 最中に, Noun + の + 最中に


Hirune o shiteiru saichuu ni denwa ga natta.
The phone rang while I was taking a nap.
Ryouri o tsukutteiru saichuu ni kaji ga okotta.
A fire broke out in the middle of cooking.
Kaigi no saichuu ni kyuu na youji de denakereba naranakatta.
I had to leave during the meeting because of an urgent matter.
Shiken no saichuu ni jishin ga okotta.
An earthquake occurred during the exam.

Long explanation:

The ~最中に grammar point is used to indicate that something happens while in the middle of doing something else or during a certain situation. It can be translated as 'in the middle of' or 'while' in English. The formation involves appending 最中に to the target action or event expressed by a verb, adjective, or noun.

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