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Decoded Slug: ~末 (~sue)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~末 (~sue)

~末 (~sue)

Short explanation:

Express the outcome after a period of time or a series of actions; 'after', 'as a result of'.


Noun + 末


Nagai giron no sue, youyaku iken ga matomatta.
After a long discussion, opinions finally came together.
Isshūkan no benkyou no sue, shiken ni goukaku shita.
After a week of studying, I passed the exam.
Nando mo shippai no sue, seikou wo te ni ireta.
After many failures, I finally achieved success.
Kare to no wakare no sue, atarashii jinsei wo hajimeta.
After breaking up with him, I started a new life.

Long explanation:

The ~末 grammar point is used to express the outcome or result that occurs after a period of time has passed or after a series of actions have been completed. It can be translated as 'after', 'as a result of', or 'following' in English. It is used with nouns.

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