Decoded Slug: ~次第 (〜shidai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~次第 (〜shidai)

~次第 (〜shidai)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'as soon as', 'depending on', or 'depending on the situation'.


Verb-ます stem + 次第, Noun + 次第


Shigoto ga owari shidai, kaerimasu.
I will go home as soon as work finishes.
Okyakusama no goiken shidai de, saabisu wo kaizen shite ikimasu.
We will improve our services depending on customer feedback.
Kare no henji shidai de, paatii ni iku ka kimemasu.
I will decide whether to go to the party depending on his answer.
Tenki shidai de, pikunikku wo yotei shiteimasu.
We are planning a picnic depending on the weather.

Long explanation:

The ~次第 grammar point is used to express that something will happen as soon as a certain condition is met or that an action or situation depends on another action, decision, or situation. The formation differs based on whether it is used with a verb or noun.

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