Decoded Slug: ~次第です (〜shidai desu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~次第です (〜shidai desu)

~次第です (〜shidai desu)

Short explanation:

Depends on; up to; as soon as; upon.


Verb-ますstem + 次第です


Tenki shidai desu ga, ashita pikunikku ni ikitai desu.
It depends on the weather, but I want to go for a picnic tomorrow.
Shiken no kekka shidai desu ga, ryuugaku shite mo ii desu ka.
Depending on the exam results, is it okay if I study abroad?
Okyakusama no goiken shidai desu, atarashii menyuu o tsuika shimasu.
We will add a new menu item depending on the customers' opinions.
Moushikomi ga kanryou shidai desu ga, pasupooto o uketorimasu.
As soon as the application is complete, you can receive your passport.

Long explanation:

The ~次第です grammar point is used to express a situation or action that depends on a certain condition or event, or indicates something that happens immediately after or upon another event.

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