Decoded Slug: ~(場所)に~があります (〜basho ni 〜 ga arimasu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~(場所)に~があります (〜basho ni 〜 ga arimasu)

~(場所)に~があります (〜basho ni 〜 ga arimasu)

Short explanation:

Express the existence or presence of something in a place.


Place + に + Object/Thing + が + あります


Toshokan ni takusan no hon ga arimasu.
There are many books in the library.
Kouen ni ike ga arimasu.
There is a pond in the park.
Eki no mae ni konbini ga arimasu.
There is a convenience store in front of the station.
Yama no ue ni jinja ga arimasu.
There is a shrine on top of the mountain.

Long explanation:

The ~(場所)に~があります grammar point is used to express the existence or presence of something in a specific location. In this structure, the location or place comes first, followed by 'に', and then the object or thing that is present or exists, and finally, the verb 'あります' (to exist/be).

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