Decoded Slug: ~?それとも~? (~? sore tomo ~?)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~?それとも~? (~? sore tomo ~?)

~?それとも~? (~? sore tomo ~?)

Short explanation:

Presents two alternatives or choices; 'or', 'either...or'.


Verb-casual + ?それとも + Verb-casual + ?, い-Adjective + ?それとも + い-Adjective + ?, な-Adjective + だ?それとも + な-Adjective + だ?, Noun + だ?それとも + Noun + だ?


Kōhī o nomu? Sore tomo kōcha o nomu?
Do you want to drink coffee? Or tea?
Kono eiga wa omoshiroi? Sore tomo tsumaranai?
Is this movie interesting? Or is it boring?
Kare wa nihonjin da? Sore tomo gaikokujin da?
Is he Japanese? Or is he a foreigner?
Sushi o tabe ni iku? Sore tomo rāmen o tabe ni iku?
Are we going to eat sushi? Or are we going to eat ramen?

Long explanation:

The ~?それとも~? grammar point is used to present two alternatives or choices in a single sentence. It is similar to 'or' or 'either...or' in English. It can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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