Decoded Slug: A あるいは B (A aruiwa B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A あるいは B (A aruiwa B)

A あるいは B (A aruiwa B)

Short explanation:

Indicates alternatives; 'A or B', 'either A or B'.


Phrase A + あるいは + Phrase B


Kyou wa eiga wo miru aruiwa shoppingu wo suru yotei desu.
Today, I plan to either watch a movie or go shopping.
Kanojo wa eigo aruiwa doitsugo de hanasu koto ga dekimasu.
She can speak either English or German.
Bokura wa koohii aruiwa koucha wo nomu no ga suki desu.
We like to drink either coffee or tea.
Kono shigoto wa seishain aruiwa keiyaku shain toshite hataraku koto ga dekimasu.
You can work as either a full-time employee or a contract employee in this job.

Long explanation:

The あるいは grammar point is used to show alternatives or options, similar to 'A or B' or 'either A or B' in English. It highlights the possibility of more than one option in a situation. It can be used with verbs, adjectives, and nouns.

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