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Decoded Slug: A かたわら B (A katawara B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A かたわら B (A katawara B)

A かたわら B (A katawara B)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'while also'; 'at the same time as'.


Verb-dictionary form + かたわら, Noun + のかたわら


Kare wa shigoto o suru katawara, daigaku ni kayotte iru.
While also working, he is attending university.
Watashi wa gakusei no katawara, resutoran de arubaito o shite iru.
While also being a student, I am working part-time at a restaurant.
Kanojo wa isha no katawara, shumi de e o kaite iru.
While also being a doctor, she paints pictures as a hobby.
Kare wa shigoto o suru katawara, borantia katsudou ni mo sekkyokuteki ni sanka shite iru.
While also doing his job, he is also actively participating in volunteer activities.

Long explanation:

The ~かたわら grammar point is used to express that someone is doing B while also doing A. This is usually used when the focus is on the person's ability to do two things simultaneously, usually something that takes considerable effort or skill. It can be translated as 'while also' or 'at the same time as' in English.

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