Decoded Slug: A かれ B かれ (A kare B kare)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A かれ B かれ (A kare B kare)

A かれ B かれ (A kare B kare)

Short explanation:

Express either A or B or both; 'whether A or B'


Noun + かれ + Noun + かれ


Fuyu kare natsu kare, mainichi jyogingu suru.
Whether it is winter or summer, I jog every day.
Kare ga kuru kare konai kare, paatii wa hajimeru.
Whether he comes or not, the party will start.
Katsu kare makeru kare, shiai ni deru koto ga daiji da.
Whether we win or lose, it's important to compete in the game.
Ame kare yuki kare, inu no sanpo wo wasurenai de kudasai.
Whether it's raining or snowing, please don't forget to walk the dog.

Long explanation:

The ~AかれBかれ grammar point is used to express the idea of 'whether A or B', including both situations. This is equivalent to 'whether A or B or both' in English.

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