Decoded Slug: A が いちばん~ (A ga ichiban~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A が いちばん~ (A ga ichiban~)

A が いちばん~ (A ga ichiban~)

Short explanation:

Express the superlative degree; 'the most', 'the best', 'the least'.


Noun + が + いちばん + Adjective/Verb


Kono naka de, sushi ga ichiban suki desu.
Of all these, I like sushi the most.
Kanojo wa kurasu de ichiban hayaku oyogemasu.
She can swim the fastest in the class.
Kono machi de wa, kono kouen ga ichiban kirei desu.
In this town, this park is the most beautiful.
Koohii yori koucha ga ichiban suki desu.
I like tea the most, more than coffee.

Long explanation:

The A が いちばん~ grammar point is used to express a superlative degree or the highest rank. It can be translated as 'the most', 'the best', or 'the least' in English. The formation is used with various adjectives and verbs, and can also be used in comparison with other items or people.

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