Decoded Slug: A すなわち B。 (A sunawachi B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A すなわち B。 (A sunawachi B)

A すなわち B。 (A sunawachi B)

Short explanation:

Express that A is equivalent to B; 'in other words', 'namely', 'that is to say'.


Phrase A + すなわち + Phrase B


Watashi wa rippana seika wo dashitai, sunawachi, seikou shitai no desu.
I want to achieve great results, in other words, I want to succeed.
Kare wa kotoba ni tsumatta, sunawachi, nani mo ienakatta.
He was at a loss for words, that is to say, he couldn't say anything.
Kanojo wa jibun no mokuhyou ni mukatte doryoku shi tsudzukete iru, sunawachi, kanojo wa hijou ni ganbatte iru.
She keeps working hard towards her goals, namely, she is trying very hard.
Kono mise wa okyakusama no manzoku o ichiban daiji ni shiteimasu, sunawachi, saabisu ga yoi to iu koto desu.
This store values customer satisfaction above all else, in other words, it has good service.

Long explanation:

The grammar point A すなわち B is used to express that two phrases are equivalent or that the second phrase is further explanation, clarification or the true meaning of the first phrase. This can be translated as 'in other words', 'namely', or 'that is to say' in English.

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