Decoded Slug: A とも B とも (A tomo B tomo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A とも B とも (A tomo B tomo)

A とも B とも (A tomo B tomo)

Short explanation:

Express two possibilities; 'either A or B', 'whether A or B'.


Noun + とも + Noun + とも


Ketsudan tomo ayamari tomo, kekka wa jikan ga oshiete kureru deshou.
Whether it's a decision or a mistake, time will tell the result.
Kare wa chichi tomo ani tomo hanasemasen.
He can't talk to either his father or his brother.
Kanojo tomo tomodachi tomo eiga wo mini ikimasu.
I will go to see a movie with either my girlfriend or my friend.
Kono geemu ni wa jikan tomo doryoku tomo kakarimasu.
This game requires both time and effort.

Long explanation:

The 'Aとも B とも' grammar point is usually used to express two possible scenarios or items. It can be loosely translated as 'either A or B' or 'whether A or B' in English. Generally, it is used when the speaker wants to let listeners know both A and B are possibilities.

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