Decoded Slug: A にしろ B にしろ (A nishiro B nishiro)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A にしろ B にしろ (A nishiro B nishiro)

A にしろ B にしろ (A nishiro B nishiro)

Short explanation:

Whether it is A or B; Regardless of A or B


Noun A + にしろ + Noun B + にしろ, Verb-casual A + にしろ + Verb-casual B + にしろ


Atsui ni shiro, samui ni shiro, mainichi undou suru beki desu.
Whether it's hot or cold, you should exercise every day.
Goukaku ni shiro, fukoukaku ni shiro, saizen wo tsukushita.
Whether I pass or fail, I did my best.
Isogashii ni shiro, hima ni shiro, jikan wo taisetsu ni subeki desu.
Whether you're busy or free, you should value your time.
Ookii ni shiro, chiisai ni shiro, sorera no hako wa subete idou shimasu.
Whether it's big or small, all those boxes will be moved.

Long explanation:

The grammar point A にしろ B にしろ is used to express an idea of disregarding specific situation presented in both A and B. It is often translated as 'whether it is A or B...' or 'regardless of A or B...'.

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