Decoded Slug: A は B が〜 (A wa B ga〜)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A は B が〜 (A wa B ga〜)

A は B が〜 (A wa B ga〜)

Short explanation:

Indicates that there is something unique or different about A and describes what is special about it.


A は (Topic) + B が (Characteristic/Feature) + Description/Action


Kanojo wa kami ga nagai desu.
What's special about her is that she has long hair.
Kono resutoran wa fun'iki ga ii desu.
What's great about this restaurant is the atmosphere.
Watashi wa asagohan ga ichiban suki desu.
What I like the most is breakfast.
Kare wa eigo ga tokui desu.
He is particularly good at English.

Long explanation:

The A は B が〜 grammar point is used to emphasize the uniqueness or difference of 'A' by describing a characteristic or feature 'B' that is specific to 'A'. This structure is used to convey that there is something notable or special about 'A' when compared to others.

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