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Decoded Slug: A。 では、~B。 (A. Dewa, ~B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。 では、~B。 (A. Dewa, ~B)

A。 では、~B。 (A. Dewa, ~B)

Short explanation:

Indicates a contrast or comparison between A and B; 'As for A, ~B'.


Noun A + では、 + Subject + Predicate B


Kudamono dewa, ringo ga ichiban suki desu.
As for fruits, apples are my favorite.
Supōtsu dewa, sakkā ga ichiban ninki desu.
As for sports, soccer is the most popular.
Kyou no tenki dewa, ame ga furisou desu.
As for today's weather, it looks like it will rain.
Ryouri dewa, washoku ga ichiban tokui desu.
As for cooking, I am best at Japanese cuisine.

Long explanation:

The A では、~B grammar point is used to indicate a contrast or comparison between A and B. It is used to express that 'As for A, ~ B' or 'Regarding A, ~ B'. This grammar structure is often used for contrasting or comparing different subjects/topics.

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