Decoded Slug: A。おまけに B。(~omake ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。おまけに B。(~omake ni)

A。おまけに B。(~omake ni)

Short explanation:

Expresses that in addition to A, there is also B; 'moreover', 'besides', 'not only', 'but also'.


Sentence A + おまけに + Sentence B


Kare wa chikoku shita. Omake ni shukudai mo wasureta.
He was late. Moreover, he forgot his homework.
Kono apaato wa semai. Omake ni yachin ga takai.
This apartment is small. Besides, the rent is high.
Kanojo wa shigoto ga isogashii. Omake ni kodomo mo chiisai.
She is busy with work. Not only that, her children are also small.
Kinou wa ame ga futta. Omake ni kaze mo tsuyokatta.
Yesterday it rained. In addition, the wind was strong.

Long explanation:

The A。おまけに B。grammar point is used to express that in addition to the first statement A, there is also the second statement B which often emphasizes the negative aspect or difficulty of the situation. It can be translated as 'moreover', 'besides', 'not only', or 'but also' in English. The formation is used with two sentences, placing おまけに between those two sentences.

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