Decoded Slug: A。そこで B。(~sokode)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。そこで B。(~sokode)

A。そこで B。(~sokode)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'therefore' or 'because of that'.


A + そこで + B


Ashita wa shiken ga arimasu. Soko de konban benkyou shiyou to omoimasu.
There is an exam tomorrow. Therefore, I plan to study tonight.
Kono resutoran wa kondeimasu. Soko de betsu no basho de ranchi wo tabemashou.
This restaurant is crowded. Therefore, let's eat lunch at a different place.
Kanojo ga arerugii ga aru. Soko de kanojo no tame ni betsu no ryouri wo tsukurimasu.
She has an allergy. Therefore, I'll cook a different dish for her.
Kasa wo motte inai. Soko de ame ga yamu made machimasu.
I don't have an umbrella. Therefore, I'll wait until the rain stops.

Long explanation:

The A。そこで B。grammar point is used to describe the reason for an action or situation in the A part and the result or decision made in the B part. It can be translated as 'therefore' or 'because of that' in English.

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