Decoded Slug: A。それで B。 (~sore de)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。それで B。 (~sore de)

A。それで B。 (~sore de)

Short explanation:

Express a sequence of events; 'and then', 'so', 'because of that'.


Sentence A +。それで+ Sentence B。


Kinou wa ame ga futte ita. Sore de kouen ni ikanakatta.
It was raining yesterday. So, I didn't go to the park.
Shiken ni ochita. Sore de sai shiken wo ukenakereba naranai.
I failed the exam. So, I have to take a re-exam.
Heya ga samukatta. Sore de danbou wo tsuketa.
The room was cold. So, I turned on the heater.
Kyou wa yasumi da. Sore de eiga wo mi ni iku.
Today is a holiday. So, I'm going to watch a movie.

Long explanation:

The A。それで B。grammar point is used to connect two sentences or events, expressing a sequence of events or explaining the reason for the second event based on the first event. Essentially, it means 'and then', 'so', or 'because of that' in English.

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