Decoded Slug: A。それでも B。(~sore demo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。それでも B。(~sore demo)

A。それでも B。(~sore demo)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'even so', 'nevertheless', 'still', or 'but'; used to contrast two statements.


A (situation) + 。それでも + B (action or thought)


Kyou wa nichiyoubi desu. Sore demo, shigoto ni ikanakereba narimasen.
Today is Sunday. Nevertheless, I have to go to work.
Kare wa wakai desu. Sore demo, keiken ga houfu desu.
He is young. Even so, he has a lot of experience.
Ame ga futteimasu. Sore demo, sanpo ni ikitai desu.
It's raining. Still, I want to go for a walk.
Shiken no kekka ga warukatta desu. Sore demo, akiramenai.
The exam results were bad. But I won't give up.

Long explanation:

The A。それでも B。grammar point is used to show a contrast between two statements. The first statement (A) presents a situation, and the second statement (B) presents an action or thought that might be unexpected or contrary to the initial situation. It can be translated as 'even so', 'nevertheless', 'still', or 'but' in English.

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