Decoded Slug: A。ただしB。 (A. Tadashi B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。ただしB。 (A. Tadashi B)

A。ただしB。 (A. Tadashi B)

Short explanation:

Adding a condition or exception to a statement; 'however', 'provided that', 'but only if'.


Statement A + ただし + Condition B


Kono heya wo tsukatte mo ii desu. Tadashi, tsukatta ato de souji shite kudasai.
You can use this room. However, please clean up after you use it.
Ashita kara shucchou de fuzai ni narimasu. Tadashi, kinkyuu no baai wa keitai ni renraku shite kudasai.
I'll be away on a business trip starting tomorrow. However, in case of emergency, please contact me on my cell phone.
Shokuji dai wa zengaku kaisha ga futan shimasu. Tadashi, arukooru nomi jiko futan to narimasu.
The company will cover the entire meal cost. However, alcohol expenses will be borne by the individual.
Toshokan de hon wo kariru koto ga dekimasu. Tadashi, kigen nai ni kaesanakereba narimasen.
You can borrow books from the library. However, you must return them within the deadline.

Long explanation:

The grammar point A。ただしB is used to add a condition or exception to a previous statement. It can be translated to 'however', 'provided that', or 'but only if' in English. This structure consists of two parts: A (statement) and B (condition/exception). The word ただし is used to connect these two parts.

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