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Decoded Slug: A。だが B。(~daga)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。だが B。(~daga)

A。だが B。(~daga)

Short explanation:

Expresses contrasting ideas or statements; 'but', 'however'.


Sentence A + だが + Sentence B


Kono resutoran wa nedan ga takai. Daga, aji wa totemo ii.
This restaurant is expensive. But, the taste is very good.
Kare wa tsukarete iru. Daga, shigoto o owaraseru made yasumanai.
He is tired. However, he will not rest until he finishes work.
Kinou wa samukatta. Daga, kyou wa atatakai.
Yesterday was cold. But, today is warm.
Kanojo wa gaiken wa jimi da. Daga, seikaku ga subarashii.
Her appearance is plain. However, she has a wonderful personality.

Long explanation:

The A。だが B。grammar point is used to express contrasting ideas or statements. It connects two sentences or phrases with a contrasting meaning. It can be translated as 'but' or 'however' in English.

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