Decoded Slug: A。だって B。(Datte~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。だって B。(Datte~)

A。だって B。(Datte~)

Short explanation:

Used to give a reason, express cause or bring up a topic; 'because', 'since', 'it's just that'.


Verb-casual + だって、い-Adjective + だって、な-Adjective + だって、Noun + だって


Hima datte, eiga wo mi ni ikou yo.
Since we are free, let's go watch a movie.
Samui datte, ko-to wo kite kudasai.
Because it's cold, please wear a coat.
Tsukarete iru datte, yasunda hou ga ii.
Since you're tired, it's better to rest.
Kanojo ga ryouri jouzu datte, minna kanojo no tsukutta ryouri wo tanoshimi ni shiteimasu.
Because she is good at cooking, everyone is looking forward to her dishes.

Long explanation:

The A。だって B。grammar point is used to give a reason, express cause, or introduce a topic in a casual manner. It can be translated as 'because', 'since', or 'it's just that'. A is the reason and B is the statement that follows due to the reason. It can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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